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Coated Sapphire Windows
Coated Sapphire Windows AR(anti-reflection) coated Sapphire Windows feature popular coating options yielding improved transmission in the
visible and IR wavelength ranges
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Sapphire&Ruby Bal and Semisphere
Sapphire&Ruby Bal and Semisphere Applications:
Fibre optic connectors
Ball check valves
Bar code scanners
Bearing application
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Sapphire Piston for HPLC
Sapphire Piston for HPLC Sapphire Pistons are a consumable part of the HPLC pump and should be replaced on a regular preventative
maintenance schedule. Sapphire pistons we made are inspected with a 10x magnifier or microscope to ensure
it does not have wear or scratches. Replace the rod if you observe any glazed regions or scratches.

Our sapphire rods are 100% inspected to ensure that there are no inclusions or other surface defects that may cause
premature seal failure.

Now the sapphire pistons we are supplying in domestic are increaseling replaced somemost of the world famous brand with economically in expenses and reliability in quality.
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Sapphire Rods
Sapphire Rods Sapphire rod can be made with all surfaces polished for optical and wear applications or with all surfaces fine grind (un-polished) to

serve as an insulator. Sapphire Rods are available in a range of outer diameter and lengths. OD's as small as .0175".

Typical Sapphire Rod Applications: pumps(piston for HPLC), light pipes, spacers, insulators, wear applications
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Chonghong Industries Ltd.specializes in optical processing machining grinding and polishing of crystal materials such as sapphire,ruby,quartz and glass.Our technology can provide you windows,rods and tips chisels ,lenses,prisms,cylinders spheres and blades and more.

Major markets are North American and European companies for laser technology,accurate measurement,electro-optical applications,medical and space technology.

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  • Tel:+86 23 89119132
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  • Email: sales@ch-microtek.com
  • add:Rm. 2007, Huachuang Building, No. 10, Honghuang Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, China